What's it all about, man!?

In a few words, this is just the place where I put the things I make. Music, art, literature and programing. Maybe other stuff. I don't know.

If you want to know more about me, I'm in my senior year at Purdue University Global where I am working through a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis on programming and web development. I am also a musician and a writer. I hope to eventually merge my passions and develop story-driven video games.


If you really want to know more, I lost my ability to work a few years ago. I have been on disability for about 3 years as of the time of this writing. I don't really want to scrape by for the rest of my life, so I went to school. About 15 years too late, but still.

...... ...

If you really, really want to know more, none of that really matters. I mean, I absolutely am disabled, but I would have been creating most of this stuff regardless. The only thing that has changed is that I now have more focus on programming because I really need gainful employment. But I still wanted to make all of this stuff before disability happened.

That's about it.