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Official music video for 'Perfect'. "Well, baby, I still know that you're my soulmate, but you're also kind of an asshole. If you want to be alone, then I won't make it such a hassle."

Back In

Official music video for 'Back In'. An older song, and honestly not even really one of my fravorites. Just had a fun video idea for it. Well, fun for me. And I wanted to make a verticle video for a change. "It's gettin' fucking weird in here."

How To Love Recklessly

Official music video for 'Light and Color' and 'Colorblind' from the Sight and Color EP. With special guest appearance by Audrey Willis-Bartholomew. I made the video with the idea of having something to watch on mushrooms. But, honestly, it's kind of a little too intense.

Hard Times feat. Snoop Dogg

Official (and animated) music video for 'Hard Times' with guest star, Snoop Mothafuckin' Dogg.

Double Booked

Official music video for 'Double Booked'. Oh, the first of many heartaches from that book. Ding!

October: Dabbling in Prophecy

Official music video for 'October: Dabbling in Prophecty', from the ablume 12 Times Won. With special guest appearance by Audrey Willis-Bartholomew.

March: A Song for Spring

Official music video for 'March: A Song for Spring'. Stop-motion is a lot of fun to make if you kinda hate yourself.

September: Fog of War

Official music video for 'September: Fog of Ward'. Mary came down and pushed me to the ground. She said, "I've got a song for you to sing!"

Glued Down

Official music video for 'Glued Down' from the album Act II: Confrontation. I called this album "indie rap."


Official music video for 'Empty', from the Empty Confidence EP. I have no idea what this is.

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